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If you are like most parents, your children are precious to you and you want the very best for them. I too want to see every child have the opportunity to succeed in life. I want them to feel safe and confident, not just at home but everywhere they go. I want them to learn courtesy, respect, discipline, integrity, perseverance, self confidence, self respect, self control and what it means to have an indomitable spirit. When they learn these tenets or life skills, they do better in school, are more respectful at home, active in the community and they even grow up to be productive adult citizens. They value family, friends, and even their community.

Not a parent looking for a program for your children, that’s okay too. If you are an adult or even a teenager, I’m sure that you are looking for something that martial arts has to offer. Maybe it’s getting into better physical shape, losing weight, learning how to protect yourself or your family, making new friends, getting into competitions, or maybe you just want to learn how to fight. Well there’s good news, you too can achieve all this and more here at All Family Taekwondo.

I have created an atmosphere where the entire family can obtain many different skills, build strong family bonds, create lasting friendships, and even train in martial arts for a lifetime. We do not simply teach Taekwondo, we live it, and we use it as a vessel to teach the life skills that make every community strong. Most parents want their children to learn courtesy, respect and of course discipline. Those life skills come automatically in our programs; we also teach the students how to listen, pay attention and of course follow directions; all of which are important skills to have. We pride ourselves in fostering a family friendly environment where the entire household can workout, train and increase their physical fitness as well as both self esteem and self confidence. Come in and see first hand how our martial arts facility has something to offer your entire family. I’m confident that you too value these things and I look forward to meeting you soon. Please fill out the contact information or feel free to give us a call at (309) 792-0066.

Anthony Linnabery About Us

Mr. Anthony Linnabery – 5th Degree Black Belt

Awards & Accomplishments:

– Most Outstanding Instructor of the Year 1994 – region 111.
– Ranked in the top 10 in the World in the Men’s 4th & 5th
Degree Division in 2015.
– 2013 IL State Champion in Forms & Sparring.
– 2013 Mid Atlantic District Champion in Forms.
– 2015 IL State Champion in Forms.
– 2016 IL State Champion in Forms.

– 2017 IL District Champion in Forms.

-2019 IL State Champion in Forms & Sparring.

-2019 World Champion in Forms. 

Protech and Weapons Certifications:

* Single Ssahng Joel Bong (Nunchuck)
* Double Ssahng Jeol Bong (Nunchuk)
* Single Bahng Mahng Ee (Stick)
* Double Bahng Mahng Ee (Stick)
* Krav Maga – level 1, 2a & 2b
* Combat Kali – Blade
* Jahng Bong Mid-Range (Bo staff)
* STEM: (Science, Technology, Engineering,
and Math) Martial Arts Fitness Program
* Pressure Point Control Tactics
* SHARP (Sexual Harassment Assault Rape Prevention)
* Spontaneous Knife Defense
* Bullying Prevention Program
* Oh Sung Do (Broad Sword)
* Ssahng Nat


Mr. Linnabery’s Military Service:

Mr. Linnabery served in the U.S. Marine Corps for over 22 years. He retired at the rank of Gunnery Sergeant (GySgt/E-7), from the Rock Island Arsenal, Rock Island, IL. While on active duty, Mr. Linnabery completed 2 West Pac tours to Iwakuni, Japan and a 1 year tour to Adak, Ak. After joining the reserves Mr. Linnabery was deployed in 2004 to Alasad, Iraq as a Platoon Sergeant and in 2010 he served as the Organic’s Maintenance Chief at Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan. He is currently the CLB 451 Detachment Operations Chief.


Anthony Linnabery Sr.
5th Degree Black Belt
Level 1 & 2 Krav Maga Instructor
Kali Guro Instructor
Owner and Chief Instructor
TJ Linnabery
4th Degree Black Belt
Level 3 – Certified Instructor

2018 Combat Weapons World Champion

Kathryn Linnabery
4th Degree Black Belt
Level 3 – Certified Instructor
2014 Combat Weapons World Champion

2018 Combat Weapon World Champion

Tonya Linnabery
3rd Degree Black Belt
Level 3 – Certified Instructor
Shelley Honn
2nd Degree Black Belt
Level 2 Speciality Trainer
Jesse Severson
3rd Degree Black Belt
Level 1 Certified Trainer
Level 1 & 2 Krav Maga Instructor

Legacy Team Members not pictured

Tristan Linnabery - 4th Degree Black Belt

Evan Walker - 3rd Degree Black Belt

James Bowman - 2nd Degree Black Belt


Brian Anderson - 2nd Degree Black Belt

Rick Lankford - Red Belt
Emma Anderson - 1st Degree Black Belt
Heather Locander - Red Belt


Black Belt Junior Instructors:

Deacan Linnabery - 3rd Degree Black Belt
Lexi Linnabery - 3rd Degree Black Belt
Brady Brunat - 2nd Degree Black Belt
Grayson Anderson - 3rd Degree Black Belt
Ashwin Parab - 3rd Degree Black Belt
Aditi Parab - 3rd Degree Black Belt

Color Belt Junior Instructors:

Alex Burgmeier - 2nd Degree Black Belt
KJ Ohr - 1st Degree Black Belt