Strength in Unity 2017 Tournament Info

All Family ATA Taekwondo is proud to announce that they will be hosting their first ever Class “B” regional tournament this summer at the QC Waterfront Convention Center located in downtown Bettendorf, IA.

This tournament will host several hundred American Taekwondo Association (ATA) competitors along with the Masters of region 102 West.  In attendance will be Chief Masters, 8th Degree Black Belts, Eugene Candreva, Patty Barnum and Rick Whitehead.  Other 6th and 7th degree Masters will also be attending as well as judging the high rank competitions of the 4th and 5th Degree Black Belt competitions.

The special guest for this tournament will be 6th Degree Black Belt, Master Apolo Ladra.  Master Apolo is also an 8th Degree Black belt in the WTF and holds the rank of Tuhon in Pekiti-Tirsia Kali.  Kali is the indigenous fighing art of the Philippines that is base on the use of the blade.  On Friday July 21, 2017, Master Apolo will be instructing a combat weapons seminar all the registered ATA members of the region. On Sunday July 23, 2017 Master Apolo will be teaching a one day Kali seminar.  For the most part this seminar will touch on basic footwork, single stick, double stick, use of the blade and even empty hand defense.  Participants must be 16 years old and have the permission of their instructor to attend. 

Tournament Schedule of Events and Hotel Information


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If you have any questions or need additional information about the tournament, please call us at:  (309) 792-0066



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Combat Weapons Seminar

On Friday, July 21, 2017 at 6:30 pm Master Apolo Ladra will be teaching a Combat Weapons Seminar for registered ATA students.  This is open to all ages and ranks.  Furthermore, it’s FREE to attend.  Master Apolo will be teaching students how to do some basic footwork, evasion techniques, striking and blocking skills.  The seminar will take place at the QC Waterfront Convention Center.

One of the fastest growing events in tournament history is the Combat Weapons sparring.  This is an event where two people put on their sparring protective gear and instead of kicking and punching each other, they hit each other with a padded stick.  

The rules are simple:

  • All areas are a target except a jab to the face, thrust to the throat or a strike to the groin.
  • Head, lead leg, and area from the wrist to the elbow are all 2 points.
  • The rest of the body is 1 point.
  • Jump and hit any target and you can add one point
  • If your opponent drops their weapon you are awarded a point


While this particular event simulates Filipino stick fighting, the competitors use padded sticks as opposed to real wooden ones.  The idea is that you move around and hit your opponent before he or she hits you.  This is not only a lot of fun but a great workout as well.  If you would like to get more info on this event, please give us a call at (309) 792-0066.    


A look at the tournament medal  

Because this is our first ever tournament competition, we wanted to make sure that the competitors awards were special.  The way that we come up with the medal design was by taking the theme and combining the components.  First of all, we had to come up with an idea for strength.  Since the dragon is considered to be a sign of strength, power and good luck it was our first choice.    Secondly, the Songahm star is created by the connection of all our forms and is an example of a day in the life of a person.  Each form, from white belt to 9th degree black belt, is found somewhere on the Songahm star.  If you take all that information and put it all together you have a complete system.  Each form is united to one another to take you on a journey from white belt to Grand Master.  

So, what we did was take these two ideas and merged them together.  We took the dragon and just had it wrapped around that Songahm Star. Hence, you have the tournament medal below.


This Regional competition affords competitors the opportunity to compete in several different categories.  Since some of you may have never been to a tournament before, we have listed all the different competitions that you may compete in:



  • Traditional Forms
  • Sparring
  • Traditional Weapons
  • Combat Weapons
  • Extreme Forms
  • Extreme Weapons
  • Creative Forms
  • Creative Weapons




We have awards for all competitors who are registered and compete in the tournament.  All ATA Tigers, 3-6 year old’s, will receive trophies for traditional forms and sparring competitions and medals for all other competitions.  Kids, teens and adults will receive medals for all competitions.


Tournament rules

A few of basic rules that everyone needs to know in order to compete:

  1. All competitors must be registered ATA members.
  2. Students must have their instructors approval.
  3. Must wear a clean white ATA approved uniform.
  4. For sparring, all competitors must have on all approved ATA gear to include cup & supporter and mouth piece.
  5. To find out more about ATA tournament rules, click here. 

If you would like to find out how you can become a member of the ATA, please visit their website  You can also give us a call here at All Family ATA Taekwondo and we would love to assist you as well.  Our number is (309) 792-0066.