Introductory Programs

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Basic Introductory Course

This course teaches students the fundamental, core requirements required of a new Taekwondo student. You can expect to learn basic hand movements and kicks. When these kicks, blocks and hand movements are combined together they construct our Songahm Taekwondo Forms. Students also learn simple basic self defense and 1-Step sparring.

Black Belt Club

Students in this course have made the commitment to achieving the rank of black belt. You will learn all the fundamentals that are taught in the Basic Course along with Board Breaking, Free Sparring, Tournament Sparring, basic weapons, basic pro-tech courses and intermediat level self defense techniques.

Leadership Program

Here the students get all the training benefits of the Black Belt Club combined with more intense and higher level training. In addition, the students in the course are given the skills necessary to become more productive leaders within the community and the All Family Taekwondo School. Only those students in the Leadership Program can enter into the Certified Instructor Program (CIP) and go on to become certified instructors themselves. These students are also eligible to compete for State, district and World Championship Titles within the ATA.

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